How do you create a turtle?

To create a turtle type the following. You can create more than one turtle by changing the number.

create-turtles 1
How do you move the turtle forward?

Increasing the number will make the turtle move faster.

ask turtles [ forward 20 ]

Tip: You can move the turtle backwards by typing back instead of forward.
Telling the turtle to move in another direction

Specify a direction, either left or right to turn the turtle. The number corresponds to an angle you want to rotate the turtle. You can specify any number from 0 to 360.

ask turtles [ right 90 ]

ask turtles [ left 90 ]

Drawing a trail

ask turtles [ pendown ]

ask turtles [ penup ]

Turtle Stamping

ask turtles [ stamp ]

Changing the turtles shape

To change the turtle into an airplane type the following.

ask turtles [ set shape "airplane" ]

Type the following to see a list of all the shapes you can change the "turtle" to.

show shapes
Changing the turtles size

Increasing the number makes the turtle larger

ask turtles [ set size 10 ]
Changing the turtles color

Type the following to make the turtle green.

ask turtles [ set color green ]
Setting the turtle to a specific coordinate

Move all turtles to x position 50 and y position 100.

ask turtles [ set 50 100 ]
Tip: to set them to a random cordinate use [ set random-xcor random-ycor ]
Making circles with turtles

To make a circle you would rotate and move the turtle with tiny increments

create-turtles 1

ask turtles [ pendown ]

repeat 180 [ ask turtles [forward .1 right 2] ]