Lesson 1.5: Changing Line Shapes

Step 1 - Link Shapes Editor

Launch the Link Shapes Editor. To do this click on Tools in the menu bar, then select the Link Shapes Editor.


You should see something like below.


Step 2 - Adding a New Line Style

Now click on the New button.

Fill in name with curvy.

Fill in curviness with a random number.

Now choose a line style for left line, middle line and/or right line.


Step 3 - Creating Linked Turtles

Let's start with creating a few linked turtles. You can do this by typing the command create-turtles 5 [ create-links-with other turtles ]


Now let's move the turtles around so we can see the lines. Type ask turtles [ forward random 150 ] into the observer input field.


Lastly let's change the style of the line from the boring solid line to the line you created in Step 2. To do this we'll use the following command ask links [set shape "curvy" ]. If you used a name different from curvy type that instead.


Congrats! You're all done. Now try to create some cool designs with what you've learned.